To use SConsolidator, you first have to install SCons (version 2.0 is the minimum requirement). SConsolidator requires at least a Eclipse Indigo release of the CDT, otherwise you won't be able to install SConsolidator. Execute the following steps to install it in Eclipse:

  1. Choose the menu Help, Install New Software...
  2. Type the URL of the SConsolidator update site into the site field:
  3. Then, you can either only install SConsolidator's base functionality by choosing the feature
    SConsolidator - Base
    or additionally
    SConsolidator - Dependency Visualization
    for visualizing build target dependencies (the latter needs GEF and Zest to be installed).
  4. After the installation, Eclipse will ask to restart itself. Please do this.

Getting Started contains further explanations on how SConsolidator is used.